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Published: 12th April 2011
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What springs to mind when we talk about home theatre systems is big ugly subwoofers as well as unsightly speakers with no space to put them. Sony HT-IS100 changes all these. Having a subwoofer and five satellite speakers no larger than the golf ball, this 5.1 channel home theatre system can pump out at least 450 watts of power.

Whatever you would like in a home entertainment system, you will find it in Sony HT-IS100. It handles high definition surround sounds with ease, decoding Dolbyô Digital, Dolbyô Prologic II and DTS Decoding to attain the optimum impact possible from HD and Blu-Ray disc. The integrated digital amplifer found in the subwoofer further reinforces the purity and clarity of the audio and also makes an immersive impact. The floor shaking bass and crisp treble will engulf the room and genuinely offer an immersive cinematic experience.

The inputs on Sony HT-IS100 are extremely generous - 3 HDMI input and 1 HDMI output so you can link up to a Blu-ray player, XBOX, PS3, SKY/Virgin HD Box or cable/sat tuner all at once. Itís also S-Air ready for a completely wireless experience.

A Portable Audio Enhancer function enhances the quality of compressed music such as MP3s files. The system also includes a built-in RDS FM/AM tuner with 30 station presets. It also comes with a coaxial digital audio input and a stereo analogue audio input so you can connect your iPod, take full advantage of the theatre surround sound play music through your TV.

With automatic sound calibration, Sony HT-IS100 automatically configures sound setting for your room layout and seating position so you are granted the best possible sound quality.

There is no more playing about with different remote controls. Sony HT-IS100ís BRAVIAô Sync allows simple, one touch integrated control of compatible products with just a single remote.

The display is on top of the subwoofer which can be frustrating since it cannot be read when in a seated position. But for its sleek look, tiny size and yet cinematic output, Sony HT-IS100 is still worth it. The tiny speakers are more often than not a conversation with visitors!

Whatís in the box
# Remote control(x1)
# Batteries (x2)
# Optical cable 2.5m(x1)
# FM wire antenna (aerial) (x1)
# AM loop antenna (aerial) (x1)
# Calibration mic (x1)
# Speaker (with remote commander receiver) (x1)
# Speakers (x4)
# Extra speaker pedestal (x1)
# Brackets (x5)
# Wrench (x1)
# Screw (+PSW4 X 12) (x1)
# Operating Instructions (x1)
# Quick start guide (Card) (x1)

Check out all of Sony HT-IS100 features

- 5.1 channel surround sound system
- Dolbyô Digital, Dolbyô Prologic II and DTS Decoding
- Clutter free and massive sound from 5 golf-ball size speakers and a subwoofer
- Built-in S-Master power amplifier
- S-AIR Multi-room wireless receiver/peaker capable
- 3 x HDMI In 1 x HDMI Out Sockets
- 450 Watts (RMS) (50 x 5 + subwoofer 100 x 2)
- BRAVIA Sync so only 1 remote control needed
- Link up to and release music stored on MP3 player or portable device
- 30 station preset FM/AM tuner (RDS)
- Automatic sound calibration for optimum viewer experience

Letís see what an existing owner of Sony HT-IS100 says about this home cinema system

A. Bond,
I am more than satisfied with the IS100. The specifications is well worth the price. It looks and crucially sounds awesome. When hooked up with a decent TV and a Blu-Ray player it makes an awesome audio/visual experience and also brings gaming to life. The quality and range of sounds delivered from such a tiny set of speakers is incredible. I highly recommend this item.

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